Reforming Health Care

Writing off out-of-pocket costs for spending through health-savings accounts and making health insurance portable are two of the reforms proposed by President George W. Bush.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006
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In February 2006, President George W. Bush proposed improving the health-care system through:

"Leveling the playing field by making the same tax relief available to individuals and employers. Americans who purchase HSA-qualified insurance policies on their own should have the same tax advantages as people who obtain insurance through their employer.

"Eliminating all taxes on out-of-pocket spending through HSAs. Americans with HSAs should be able to pay for all of their care tax-free.

"Making health insurance portable. Americans should be able to own the insurance policy that goes along with their HSA, and keep it when they change or lose their jobs without worrying about paying higher premiums if they become sick.

"Strengthening the buying power of America?s small businesses. Small businesses should have the same access to price efficiencies as large businesses when purchasing health insurance.

"Passing medical liability reform. Limit costly and frivolous lawsuits that waste scarce resources, increase health care costs, and drive doctors out of business.

"Improving adoption of health information technology. Electronic health records that reduce costs and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of medical treatment should be widely used.

"Empower consumers through information. All Americans should be able to obtain easy-to-understand information about the price and quality of the health care they receive from their medical provider and insurance carrier.

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"Provide affordable coverage for vulnerable Americans. Americans with low incomes and persistently high medical expenses should receive additional assistance.

"Promote prevention, wellness, and fitness. The president encourages all Americans to lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease and improve their overall quality of life. "

More details are included in his proposal, "Reforming Health Care for the 21st Century."

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