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Thursday, November 15, 2007
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Just a few questions please regarding subject story --  

* Who conducted the study?

* When was it conducted?

* How were the participants selected?

* How was it conducted -- interview, questionnaire, online?  

Thank you in advance for answers to any of these questions ...

Mark Caruso

Success Associates, Inc.

Jennifer's response:

Who conducted the study?

The study was conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership.  Jennifer J. Deal, Ph.D. was the primary researcher.

When was it conducted?

Between 2000 and 2005.

How were the participants selected?

Participants came to us through a number of different venues:

* Their organizations agreed to participate.

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* They saw a speech about the research and wanted to participate.

* They filled out the survey as part of a CCL program they were attending.

* They read about the research in an article and wanted their perspective to be included.

* They were taking a university course that gave them access to the free developmental tools that were available to participants.

How was it conducted -- interview, questionnaire, online?

It was an online questionnaire that included a combination of closed ended formatted items, and some free response items.  

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