RPO Fuels Speed-to-Hire, Improves Candidates

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Thursday, July 1, 2010
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Like other telecommunication organizations, Andrew Wireless Solutions' internal staffing group was challenged with hiring talented people quickly, while managing escalating recruiting costs. Realizing recruiting was becoming more of an escalating expense than a strategic business benefit, Andrew Wireless turned to recruitment process outsourcing to solve the problem.

Partnering with Kenexa, a leading provider of business solutions for human resources, the company experienced a dramatic improvement in customer service, more proactive and creative sourcing, improved Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs compliance and was able to rapidly get more qualified candidates into the organization.

Andrew Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of CommScope, Inc., that designs and delivers innovative solutions for the global communications infrastructure market. Founded in 1937 and headquartered in Westchester, Ill., it employs more than 10,000 individuals and serves operators and equipment manufacturers from facilities in 35 countries. As a government contractor, Andrew Wireless is also required to abide by OFCCP rules and its existing system.

"It was becoming more difficult to find qualified candidates and the legal requirements were intensifying," says Keith Burgh, director of shared services at Andrew Wireless. "We also knew that to implement the complete structure internally would cost millions. Plus, we were looking at a three- to six-month implementation period before we could hire the first person and realized there was no guarantee it would be strong enough to meet all the requirements.

"We just needed to find the best vendor to provide those services," Burgh continues. "The characteristics that set Kenexa apart were the level of customer service it provided, the quality of candidates and its sourcing methodology, and its commitment to forming a partnership with us. We also talked to some of the company's current customers who worked with Kenexa on multiple levels we received glowing reports and knew Kenexa would be the right solution to meet our needs."

Quality Candidates Quickly

With Kenexa RPO, organizations can decide to outsource any or all processes or choose to keep other processes in-house. Hiring managers make final hiring decisions, while Kenexa refers and manages hiring based on predetermined service-level agreements.

"The customer-service piece has been a key to the relationship," says Burgh. "Since partnering with Kenexa, we have consistently raised our customer-satisfaction levels, from 44 percent to between 74 percent and 86 percent."

Not only is Kenexa able to provide more qualified candidates to satisfy Andrew's talent-acquisition needs, it is exceeding the expected cycle time for hiring as well.

"We have a target goal of 85 days for time-to-fill engineering positions and Kenexa is consistently beating that by 25 to 30 days," says Burgh. "Finding qualified engineers and candidates for other positions is having an impact on the business."

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In addition to finding more qualified candidates, the Kenexa partnership has improved Andrew Wireless' marketplace presence, improving its ability to attract more candidates. Compliance systems, processes and reporting are also stronger. Through Kenexa's advanced technology, OFCCP data collection is very defined, consistent and repeatable.

"Kenexa has been very proactive in identifying areas we need to modify and offering best practices to help us resolve our staffing issues," says Burgh. "It has been refreshing to have someone come in as part of a partnership to help us grow this and consistently look at ways to make our recruiting function stronger.

"Since partnering with Kenexa, we have experienced better customer satisfaction, improved source effectiveness, reduced time-to-fill and have more robust reporting metrics. When we look at the ratio of candidates being presented to hiring managers, nearly 70 percent are being advanced in the process, and 97 percent of our offers are being accepted. Kenexa has been able to grow with us and has the flexibility and capability of scaling to where we need the team to be. Kenexa is a good partner, provides good service and delivers results."


Organization: Andrew Wireless Solutions

Headquarters: Hickory, N.C.

Primary Business: A global designer, manufacturer and supplier of communications equipment, services and systems.

Outsourcing/Consulting Challenge: Andrew Wireless Solutions' internal staffing group was challenged with hiring talented people quickly while managing escalating recruiting costs.

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