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Wednesday, June 2, 2010
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When it comes to recruiting the best talent for its U.S. facilities and operations, B. Braun Inc. -- a full-line supplier of healthcare products and services, has found that using ADP VirtualEdge across all its locations is the best way to optimize the talent-acquisition lifecycle.

Prior to implementing ADP VirtualEdge, B. Braun used paper-based products that could not keep up with the demand for new hires.

"We did everything basically through e-mail and paper," recalls Janet K. Janda, corporate staffing manager. "Applicants sent in a resume via snail mail or e-mail, or in the case of our manufacturing facilities, go into the lobby and apply. Routing often took place via snail mail, and opening a requisition was challenging due to manual processes."

Lack of staffing metrics was another issue. Staffing was decentralized among B. Braun's U.S. locations and there was no common repository for tracking recruiting activity.

"When we were asked how long it took to hire someone, cost-per-hire, the number of positions filled, where our candidates are coming from, and if they were internal or external, we had absolutely no way to track all of that data," says Janda. "We were calling all of the individual locations at the end of the quarter trying to obtain that information."

After implementing ADP VE in 2007, B. Braun saw a dramatic improvement in the overall talent-acquisition lifecycle. The company averages 800 to 900 job postings per year and processes 35,000 to 40,000 resumes. The time it takes to fill a position has been reduced by at least 15 percent.

When a hiring manager opens a requisition -- online and immediately from any location -- the system notifies the requisition approver. Recruiters then select the appropriate hiring venues (such as job boards), click a button and post the position. Once an applicant sees the job, ADP VE sends them to the employment section on B. Braun's Web site. There, the applicant builds a profile and submits a resume.

The ADP VE dashboard lets the recruiter evaluate all applicants for each requisition and forwards select candidates to the hiring manager. When an offer is made, it is routed through VE and then sent to the candidate. After the candidate accepts the offer, the new hire is brought on board and their information is transferred into the ADP HRIS system, initiating an employee profile.

"We do not accept resumes any other way except through VirtualEdge," says Janda. "It has standardized and legalized the process."

ADP VE also allows B. Braun employees to manage career development through the company's intranet.

"This has been a key benefit to us," says Janda. "We are a company that believes in hiring from within; 30 percent of our hiring is done internally. Our career center gives our employees an opportunity to see what's available and lets them apply for positions."

"My favorite part of ADP VE is the reporting aspect. It allows Kristin Miller, our site administrator, to produce staffing reports, including cost-per-hire and days-to-fill a position," says Janda. "We can present management with a snapshot of the data they really want to see. And having that data allows us to benchmark against industry standards in all FLSA categories."

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The ROI of recruitment activity can now be easily calculated: the quality of hire determined by turnover, the length of time for recruits to become functional and satisfaction surveys. Hiring sources, such as job boards and print advertising, can also be measured.

ADP VE enables Janda and her team to focus more on strategic talent acquisition, as opposed to reactive hiring.

"These streamlined processes give us more time to be strategic and do targeted selection and behavioral interviewing. It also has allowed the staffing team to have a seat at the table and gives us the ability to provide strategy for our future hiring."

"By using ADP VirtualEdge, we apply 'lean' initiatives to staffing -- streamlining processes, eliminating waiting time and allowing other strategic initiatives to be implemented," says Janda. "ADP VE helps us ensure that we are optimizing the talent flow from talent acquisition for talent delivery to B. Braun."


Organization: B. Braun Inc.

Headquarters: Bethlehem, Pa.

Primary Business: B. Braun is a leading full-line supplier of healthcare products and services that enhance the care and safety of patients and healthcare professionals in the fields of drug delivery, IV therapy, pain control, clinical nutrition, dialysis and vascular intervention.

HR Technology Challenge: Slow recruiting processes and lack of companywide metrics made strategic recruitment difficult.

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