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This is a special advertising section on case studies in HR technology.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
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Whether companies are still reeling from the recession, seeing gradual improvement or making full-blown recoveries, its important for them all to find money-saving ways to do business, capitalize on the latest technology and find the right talent (if they're lucky enough to be hiring right now.)

Using third-party HR- technology vendors can be a great way to help your company make the right decisions and position itself for recovery.

The following case studies show how such providers have helped companies at all points along the talent-management and economic-recovery spectrums -- from a computer-services company that used a third-party vendor to help with outplacement, to a healthcare-products-and-services provider that needed new ways to evaluate talent.

We trust you'll find the case studies valuable and filled with helpful insights into ways you can help your business tackle problems and streamline HR systems and programs.

This special advertising section on case studies in HR technology includes:

Ceridian Saves Amcor $250,000 to $300,000 Per Year

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