Citrix Powers Talent Management With Peopleclick Authoria

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010
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Citrix Systems has long been ahead of the curve in terms of bringing people and technology together. Since its inception in 1989, Citrix has been a pioneer in the software industry. With globally recognizable products such as XenDesktop, GoToMeeting and NetScaler, this fast-paced company thrives on the growth and contributions of its team members.

Citrix human resources has been using Peopleclick Authoria Recruitment Management System (RMS) for quite some time. In 2007, the company transitioned from an outsourced recruiting provider to an in-house model. To facilitate the transformation, Citrix brought the Peopleclick Authoria team back to take a fresh look at the RMS configuration and ensure that it was optimized to support the new global process.

Citrix HR teams around the world successfully use the technology today to monitor the company's talent pipeline, mine Citrix's continually expanding database of candidates and execute both active and passive recruiting strategies.

Citrix recruiters work closely with HR business partners and hiring managers to develop unique recruiting strategies for different parts of the business and to support its global recruitment process. To benchmark against these strategies, Citrix utilizes the library of standard reports within the Peopleclick Authoria Business Intelligence Platform to discover which team members are streamlining the recruiting process most effectively, then shares these trends and best practices with the rest of the team.

RMS has helped boost recruiter and hiring manager productivity throughout the entire company. As its talent-acquisition strategy proved successful, the Citrix HR team recognized that it also had to nurture the talent that was already in-house.

Ensuring the Success of the Talent Lifecycle

Given the specialization and innovation of Citrix products, many of its employees must be identified and developed from within the Citrix team. Since Citrix is a cutting-edge enterprise-software company itself -- its Online Division alone is now among the top five SaaS vendors in the world -- the HRIS team already knew what it was looking for in a provider.

Usability for its internal customers and the ability to configure, not customize, the software to meet its needs were top on its list. But the team was also looking for a solution from a disciplined software provider.

"The service piece of the relationship was critical," says Brandy Fulton, vice president of HR operations at Citrix. "Unfortunately, quite a few vendors forget what the last 'S' in SaaS stands for. The quality of the team and overall partnership were very important to us."

After extensive evaluation of Peopleclick Authoria Performance, Peopleclick Authoria Compensation and Peopleclick Authoria Succession, Citrix was confident that these solutions would help implement an effective talent-management strategy within its organization and complement its current RMS solution.

Improving Performance Management

Citrix employees, in all roles, ask "What's in it for me?" when expected to perform HR actions, so the resulting experience and interactions had to deliver distinct and easy-to-recognize value. These interactions are critical because underlying performance- and succession-management processes, when done correctly, will invite voluntary submission of valuable information.

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Making it easier for managers and employees to interact with the HR team through the Peopleclick Authoria solutions pays dividends in terms of the resulting discoveries. Further proof of success came in a survey conducted by the Citrix team: 83 percent of employees and managers who used the Peopleclick Authoria solution agreed that the experience was better than with the previous system and 88 percent found it easy-to-use overall.

Business Outcomes

Fulton indicated that she expected a lot from the deployment, but was pleasantly surprised by the feedback she and her team continue to receive about Peopleclick Authoria solutions.

"Our employees enthusiastically adopted the Peopleclick Authoria technology," says Fulton. "I was talking with one of my toughest customers recently -- a software R&D innovator himself -- about a different corporate solution that was under consideration. And he said to me, 'You know, that should just be intuitive -- like Peopleclick Authoria.' That's the best endorsement I can think of."


Company: Citrix Systems

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Primary Business: Citrix Systems is a leading provider of virtual computing solutions that help companies deliver IT as an on-demand service.

HR Technology Challenge: To find an HR technology software provider that could effectively manage Citrix's talent-acquisition, performance-management, compensation and succession strategies.

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