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Wednesday, June 2, 2010
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ACS is a Xerox company and a Fortune 500 provider of extensive business-process outsourcing and information-technology outsourcing services, including data processing, HR benefits management, finance support and customer-relationship-management services for commercial and government organizations worldwide.

Since its founding more than two decades ago, Affiliated Computer Services has adhered to a set of core values including putting its clients first, finding creative solutions, hard work, persistence and keeping its promises.

This commitment to caring for employees, from the time they join the company to the time they leave, is what drives the company's outplacement program.

ACS approached RiseSmart because it sought an outplacement provider that would deliver a higher level of individual attention for its transitioning employees. The company's HR team also wanted a solution that took full advantage of online search technology and social networks to put employees back to work.

The company's ultimate goal was to drive bottom-line results by optimizing time to placement. This would meet the most pressing need of transitioning employees -- to find a new job as quickly as possible -- while also yielding measurable ROI for the company in the form of reduced severance costs and unemployment taxes.

ACS is now leveraging RiseSmart's Transition Concierge 3.0, which provides robust, Web-based outplacement support across all of its U.S. locations.

Concierge 3.0 Working for ACS

Upon becoming eligible for outplacement assistance, each ACS employee is contacted by a RiseSmart transition specialist, either on the phone or in person. This representative walks the employee through the Transition Concierge 3.0 sign-up process, including completing a profile in an ACS-branded online portal.

The profile provides RiseSmart the data it needs to match the employees' job skills and preferences with available opportunities. The information is also provided to a certified professional resume writer, who works with the employee to prepare a new resume and cover letter with targeted opportunities in mind.

Once ACS employees are in the system, RiseSmart uses proprietary aggregation and semantic search technology to match each employee's job preferences against hundreds of thousands of active job listings across the Web -- as well as internal openings within ACS. Then, a specialist assigned to the employee's account hones these results by hand -- ensuring that only pertinent leads are delivered to each employee. The employee can apply for a job with the click of a button.

Transition Concierge 3.0 is in tune with how ACS employees network today. Among its features, the service's online interface enables employees to share job leads -- as well as career advice, notice of upcoming job fairs and other helpful information -- with everyone in their social networks. It's another way that RiseSmart's solution combines search technology with human interaction to put people back to work.

Delivering Results

To date, Transition Concierge 3.0 has found new jobs for hundreds of ACS employees who have participated in the program.

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Indeed, more than 85 percent of program participants have rated their experiences with RiseSmart transition specialists -- and the quality of job leads received -- as "excellent."

In a letter to her transition specialist, one former ACS employee wrote: "I am happy to say that I accepted a job with a company and am scheduled to start in February, making more money than I ever have. I give RiseSmart all the credit. You and your team put me in touch with the right people. I couldn't have done it without you."

But ACS hasn't had to rely on anecdotal evidence to confirm the effectiveness of Transition Concierge 3.0. Because all participation in the program can be monitored online, ACS is able to accurately track participation levels, job leads delivered to each employee and employees placed in new jobs. It can then use this information to assess savings in severance payments, unemployment taxes and other costs.

"RiseSmart was able to differentiate itself in the marketplace with the development of its Transition Concierge service," said Dr. Lora Villarreal, executive vice president and chief people officer for ACS. "RiseSmart knows how to treat employees respectfully during a stressful point of their career and get them back to work -- fast. It's that simple."


Organization: Affiliated Computer Services

Headquarters: Dallas

Primary Business: ACS, a Xerox Company, provides business-process and document-management services.


HR Technology Challenge: RiseSmart delivered a solution that leveraged technology and personalized service to put transitioning ACS employees back to work faster.

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