Hyatt Uses Social Connections To Fill Pipeline

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010
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The competition for attracting and retaining top talent is fierce. Nowhere is this more true than in the hospitality industry. Traditional methods require detailed sourcing, posting positions on job boards, recruiting at job fairs and placing ads. But leading companies like Hyatt are gaining clear advantages by using open technology, connecting to online social networks and focusing on candidate-relationship management -- starting at the beginning of the process with the employment brand and career-site experience.

Recruiting studies have shown referrals as a great source for hiring. Online social networks offer trusted sourcing of talent. Started as a college project, Facebook is a great example of how connections established between people can benefit recruiters who are looking for top talent -- especially when recruiting college graduates. The actions of "friending" and "becoming a fan" work amazingly well in establishing candidate relationships and gaining fans of the employment brand. In addition, employees can more easily make referrals electronically and rapidly spread the word about open jobs to their trusted networks.

Focused on dozens of colleges, Hyatt fills hundreds of positions annually for its management-recruitment program. Getting the best-of-the-best is competitive and using technology to connect directly to social networks helped give Hyatt an edge on the competition

Automated methods take advantage of open integration between the career portal, recruiting system, mobile devices and social networks, such as Facebook, using RSS feeds. Then prescreening and assessments take over to filter high-potential candidates from millions of applicants. Technology accelerates the process, eliminates manual data input, presents an engaging employment brand to Internet-savvy candidates and ensures a higher quality of hire that translates into retention.

Making Easy Connections

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Millions use them every day. Hyatt saw the advantages and took a strategic approach to implementing its program. Rather than engaging an army of IT resources to build the technology connections, it relied on the existing connections offered by Taleo to make recruiting more social and mobile. These guided self-service methods made connecting to social networks easy.

With just a few clicks, users are able to add RSS job-feed functionality to a career section, create RSS job feeds and modify RSS labels and messages. It's just as easy to add Facebook support to career sections, add job feeds and job tabs to fan pages, enable employees to share jobs with friends through Facebook and display jobs on walls to generate discussions. These capabilities extend recruiting beyond the traditional career sites and engage more people in the career conversation anytime and anywhere. Benefits are achieved immediately without investing in complex programming by IT experts.

Hyatt connected all career portal pages to RSS job feeds using job-category filters, through which all jobs refresh automatically in real time. Its Facebook fan page displays open positions that feed from the Taleo system. Hyatt uses Facebook settings to display job openings available for all candidates and gives them the ability to share jobs with friends. Hyatt can track sources from jobs posted on the page and make adjustments. Once established, these connections require little maintenance. But they deliver dramatic results by extending the recruiting process online so more people can participate.

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Reaping the Results

The Hyatt Facebook page quickly gained thousands of fans and was recognized in the Chicago Sun-Times. The company also offered personalized responses to career questions. In just six months, Hyatt determined that Facebook was the source of 40 percent of all social-media applicants, delivered a new channel of quality candidates and boosted internal-referral applicants by 30 percent using RSS.

Making the most of social-networking principles and advanced technology, Hyatt has executed its strategy with great success. The company boosted its employment brand, made recruiting more efficient by specifically targeting the kinds of people it wants to join the company, and engaged employees internally to refer more applicants who are a good cultural fit.


Organization: Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Headquarters: Chicago

Primary Business: Hyatt's 75,000 employees operate more than 400 full-service luxury hotels and resorts in dozens of countries.

HR Technology Challenge: To use social-networking principles and advanced technology to recruit better talent.

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