AMN Heathcare Relies on SaaS at the Core of its Enterprise

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010
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AMN Healthcare Services Inc. is the nation's leading provider of comprehensive healthcare-staffing and management services. The company needed to consolidate 13 on-premise, disparate HR systems into a single system-of-record.

AMN Healthcare was already a Software-as-a-Service user for approximately five years. Bruce Carothers, chief information officer at AMN Healthcare, says that experience meant the company did not have to "educate people on SaaS and the cloud."

Choosing Workday

That time with the SaaS provider also meant that AMN Healthcare lived through a couple of systems outages, a number of software upgrades, etc. It also had time to realize that its data was secure in a cloud. The experience was positive enough to embolden the healthcare company to work with more SaaS applications. Its next choice was a Workday HR software solution.

The Workday Human Capital Management solution economics were more favorable and resulted in approximately a 40-percent savings over an on-premise solution. But, according to Carothers, this one statement really stood out. He says that the shorter implementation the company experienced with this migration to SaaS would be repeated with subsequent acquisitions.

As AMN Healthcare made additional acquisitions, these new entities could be rolled onto the SaaS environment more quickly and cost-effectively, compared to an on-premise solution. In effect, the cost differential between SaaS and on-premise solutions remains intact when additional inorganic growth occurs.

'Painless' Change

Julie Fletcher, senior vice president of HR for AMN Healthcare, says that, just because an on-premise customer can get upgrades to a software product, it doesn't mean customers can really take advantage of these upgrades. Why? The time required to apply upgrades can be extensive, the costs can be prohibitive and the IT organization may not have personnel available to make the upgrade at that point in time.

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Fletcher says her biggest complaint with on-premise applications was that they were "slow to change, complex and costly." SaaS applications make staying current with software updates "fairly painless."


Organization: AMN Healthcare Services Inc.

Headquarters: San Diego

Primary Business: AMN Healthcare Services Inc. is the nation's leading provider of comprehensive healthcare staffing and management services.

HR Technology Challenge: AMN Healthcare consolidated 13 on-premise, disparate HR systems into a single system-of-record with the Workday SaaS solution.

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