Relocating with Elder Parents: A Survival Guide

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Thursday, April 1, 2010
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Demographic shifts show that more and more companies are going to be faced with the decision of whether or not to transfer elder parents, in-laws or relatives along with the employees they are relocating.

In response to this trend, Ann Marie Schwein -- a consultant with the St. Louis-based Impact Group -- provides a checklist of services companies should be providing or helping relocatees find in their new locations.

* Identifying senior centers and elder-care living facilities (skilled care, retirement communities), based on level of care;

* Pharmacies;

* Physician referral services, plus doctors and dentists who work well with elders;

* Elder-care activities (bingo, tours to places, etc) and senior-citizen centers;

* Shopping centers/grocery stores near facilities;

* Transportation to activities;

* Allowing the employee time for long-distance caregiving -- extended leave (paid or unpaid) from work to make sure the elder is adjusting well and getting his or her needs addressed;

* Providing counseling for employee/elder on long-term-care insurance;

* Providing resources to employee/recipient on managing the stresses of caregiving (EAP);

* Helping the elder to physically make the move by providing services such as in-home nursing assistance -- either to just check in on them on a periodic basis or to have a live-in situation for a temporary period of time, until it is established that the elder has properly adjusted;

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* Offering discounts on elder-care products and programs;

* Social Security office locations;

* Ombudsman resources -- assisting with elder-care issues that need to be addressed by the state, county or facility.

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