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Tuesday, October 2, 2007
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Hi. Guess I'm not doing my job well enough ;)  Here is an important addition to the resource list for the onboarding article:  

Cytiva's SonicRecruit recruiting suite offers an onboarding product called SonicLaunch.  It was launched in July of 2006 and is currently used by several clients including Insight Health, TriZetto and Duff & Phelps.  

SonicLaunch helps you deliver a consistent, supportive new hire experience that reflects your organizational mission, brand and values so employees are quickly engaged and ready to represent your company.

SonicLaunch lets your organization:

* Quickly assign tasks, documents and processes by job profile to easily initiate unique processes for different job classes

* Automatically trigger onboarding tasks when candidate status is changed from candidate to employee

* Seamlessly populate documents like payroll forms, policy handbooks, benefit packages and requisition forms with existing employee data

* Intuitively monitor onboarding progress by employee, task, manager or task owner with a comprehensive onboarding dashboard

* Easily customize your onboarding module with unlimited data fields for tracking information like employee identification numbers, telephone numbers, security ID's, etc.

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* Create ad hoc reports to gain insight into your onboarding efforts and eliminate expensive bottlenecks or inefficiencies  

* Integrate with existing HR and payroll systems

* Enjoy on-demand availability over the Internet from state-of-the-art data centers with 99.99% up time and 24/7 availability  

Can we include this in the web resource listing?


Ian Alexander

VP Marketing and Public Relations

Cytiva Software Inc.

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