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These are some of the onboarding products available on the market today. The descriptions were taken from the company's Web sites.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007
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* Deploy OnBoarding

Deploy OnBoarding is an integrated and configurable module of the Deploy Enterprise Talent Suite that allows organizations to efficiently process new hires by automating many of the time-consuming tasks associated with hiring new employees. The module accelerates the onboarding process and reduces data entry errors by porting existing data already captured during the application process and integrating it with key company information such as start dates and pay rates. It also allows for submission of an electronic signature, and will create necessary forms, such as I-9s, in PDF format for electronic acceptance, distribution and archiving purposes.


* Enwisen AnswerSource Employee On-boarding

Automates the entire on-boarding process -- incorporates knowledgebase content, forms, and workflow into an easy to use tour framework containing: personalized view, based on user's role, location and other parameters you define; easy navigation -- simple "tour" format guides users step-by-step; company background, vision, standards and more; policies and procedures; all new-hire forms; links to other relevant services -- such as HR policies and enrollment; electronic-user acknowledgements ensure compliance; reduces time and dollars spent on new hire orientations; ensures all relevant company policies are reviewed; captures and stores electronic acknowledgements; ensures all paperwork is completed; improves data accuracy; makes orientations more timely and completed sooner; reduces travel time and expenses; gets new hires to work faster; and allows access from home for new employees to complete work prior to start-date.

* HRLogix HireLogix

Designed to enhance HRLogix solutions, HireLogix completes the transformation to paperless 'on-boarding' by automating and digitizing new-hire paperwork. HireLogix pre-populates employment paperwork specific to the individual position for which the candidate is being hired, manages its electronic storage and feeds new employee data directly into ImageLogix, another HRLogix system, or existing document management system or human resource information system. HireLogix literally forces legal compliance and standardization throughout the hiring process based on your specific workflow by position. New employees then fill out the remaining information on-line or at a corporate kiosk. Once paperwork is completed, HireLogix automatically creates a new hire checklist, routes it to your HR department and feeds the data directly to your payroll system and document management system.

* Kenexa Onboarding

Kenexa Onboarding integrates provisioning tools with forms management and culturalization tools that help employers complete important tasks involved in the onboarding process, drastically improving efficiency of previously decentralized manual processes. Kenexa Client Services work with HR project teams to assess onboarding requirements and design a system, including notifications and government and corporate forms, to meet specific needs. Once the design is complete, Kenexa Onboarding experts configure each system and set up appropriate wizards, internal and external notifications and forms packets to make employees productive as quickly as possible.

* KMS XpressHR OnBoarding

Xpress HR Onboarding is a stand-alone or integrated Web-based application that fully automates the time-consuming tasks of processing new hires. It eliminates 99 percent of the paper, cycle-time and related data entry errors involved in processing and terminating employees allowing for a positive on-boarding and off-boarding experience. XpressHR OnBoarding receives new-hire information from the employee or hiring system for forms completion. The completed forms are flattened, encrypted and uploaded into DocumentCenter or incumbent electronic document repository. All assets (i.e., computers, cell phones, business cards, uniforms, etc) are provisioned and all applicable departments and vendors are notified that the new employee is on-board. The new employee's data is then uploaded to the HRIS, payroll, benefits and time and attendance systems where applicable.

* Peopleclick Onboarding

Peopleclick Onboarding includes a new-hire portal that simplifies task and forms management, provides an infrastructure to build communication and acclimates a new hire to an organization or an internal transfer to their new position. Understanding company goals and participating in an engaging experience will help each employee see how their contribution impacts the organization overall. Effective onboarding is more than automating the flow of information and fulfilling a checklist of required activities. It includes the development, collaboration and integration of new hires and internal transfers while giving them the tools to acclimate quickly.

* Silk Road Technologies RedCarpet

SilkRoad's employee onboarding solution helps you manage this process speedily and efficiently. All of the internal tasks and processes that need to occur can be set up, such as the need for a cubicle, computer, e-mail, and completed paperwork, so that the appropriate internal personnel are notified of the needs for a new employee. You can also set up dependent tasks so that once a particular task has been completed, it can trigger the notification of another task that could not be attended to until the initial task was completed. And you can track the progress of getting your new hire equipped at a glance with our dynamic reporting tools. This onboarding solution can also be used as a powerful socialization tool for your new employees by providing a personalized portal for them to learn about their new job. The onboarding system also can be used for providing tactical information (where to park or eat); personal information (contact numbers); socialization activities (company sports leagues and events); and job information (policies, training, and/or insights into current projects).

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* Taleo Onboarding

Taleo Onboarding provides tools such as a new-hire portal, specialized correspondence, and a hiring manager dashboard. Pre-populated onboarding forms and automatically triggered new-hire exports help you turn promising candidates into productive employees in record time. It offers fully customizable new-hire portals; a centralized and personalized source of information; and eliminates costly printing and mailing. Features: Recruiter and hiring manager onboarding views that display up-to-the-minute status for new hires and onboarding activities; new hire exports automatically send validated new hire information to HRIS, payroll and other systems; creates, stores and manages all onboarding forms electronically to increase compliance and reduce excessive paperwork; a library of specialized onboarding correspondence automates all service requests and reminders and keeps lines of communication open throughout the process; seamless integration ensures that the onboarding process starts early and eliminates redundant data entry for both new hires and managers; and unlimited workflows can be tied to organizational structure to ensure consistency while accommodating variability throughout the organization.

* Vurv Recruit Onboarding

Vurv Recruit automates manual processes, such as pre-hire provisioning, benefits enrollment, interactive new-hire orientation, and mentor/training assignments. Our flexible workflow engine with threaded collaboration, document management, dependent tasks, user groups, file and form library, auto alerts/reminders and robust audit lists enable seamless, trackable processes and rapid time to new hire productivity. Key features include: document and form management, electronic signature, multiple workflows, dependents tasks, non-HR workbench and seamless candidate/employee portal integration.

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