Motorola Expands its Candidate Network with Peopleclick

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Sunday, November 1, 2009
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Motorola, a powerhouse of global technology, was using a home-grown recruiting solution to manage its hiring practices. The recruiting process included hundreds of spreadsheets, an overflowing candidate database and a shortage of global capabilities. The absence of automation caused recruiters and hiring managers to spend extensive time filling positions, taking them away from more strategic job responsibilities.

As the company began to expand its global footprint, Motorola realized it needed an enterprisewide talent-acquisition solution to tackle its recruiting issues. In addition, the company also began researching providers that could help create affirmative-action plans and deliver a comprehensive diversity and compliance program within the organization. As Motorola began to evaluate vendors, Peopleclick was the front-runner -- not only because of the Peopleclick Recruitment Management System's ability to enforce a standardized recruitment process -- but because it also offered extensive affirmative-action software and outsourcing services.

The Solutions

Motorola selected Peopleclick RMS to manage its job-requisition process and Peopleclick CAAMS, a Web-based affirmative-action and compliance solution, to streamline its affirmative-action program; both solutions are key components of the Peopleclick Talent Acquisition Suite.

With Peopleclick RMS, recruiters and HR managers within Motorola are now able to control their hiring workflow and have the reassurance that each applicant, regardless of its location, follows the same automated process. With more than 150 recruiters and more than 10,000 managers using Peopleclick RMS, Motorola is able to capture unique data, such as source-of-hire and time-to hire. In addition to these metrics, Motorola is able to combine the recruiting and hiring data from the Peopleclick Business Intelligence Platform with information from Motorola's own corporate-data warehouse to produce a single, consolidated view into its analytics. The company then uses this actionable data to make better staffing decisions within all of its office locations.

The CAAMS solution provides both hiring managers and HR staff with in-depth reports, making it easy for Debi Oliveria, manager of HR compliance for Motorola, and her team to manage their diversity plans.

"We are extremely fortunate to partner with Peopleclick because our talent acquisition and diversity strategies literally go hand-in-hand," says Oliveria. "It is so refreshing to have a solution that can be a leading provider for both our hiring and compliance initiatives, while supplying our hiring managers with a more diverse pool of candidates."

CAAMS, part of the Peopleclick Workforce Compliance and Diversity Solutions Suite, simplifies affirmative-action planning and provides Motorola with the ability to be OFCCP-compliant ready, anytime. Oliveria says CAAMS has helped Motorola further develop its affirmative-action goals, measure its progress and create a more diverse workforce.

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The Results

In the past five-and-a-half years, Motorola has moved 1 million candidates through Peopleclick RMS while continuing to expand its recruitment strategy globally. Peopleclick's candidate portal has the ability to be translated into 20 different languages and its flexibility allows Motorola to adhere to local customs and preferences for its global office locations.

In the beginning, Motorola partnered with Peopleclick to manage its talent-acquisition process. Now, Motorola is able to achieve enhanced visibility into diversity goals and advanced recruitment management, both tied to powerful reporting and analytics tools. The company was also able to reduce its time-to-hire by 35 percent and create a more unified recruitment process for its hiring managers and HR team. "Our partnership with Peopleclick continues to grow, and their scalability continues to impress us," says Tracy Cordova, director of staffing operations at Motorola. "Peopleclick is one of the only providers in the marketplace that easily allows Motorola the ability to link our diversity objectives and affirmative-action placement goals with our overall global-recruiting initiatives."


Organization: Motorola Inc.

Headquarters: Schaumburg, Ill.

Primary Business: Telecommunications

HR Challenge: Motorola needed to find a global talent-acquisition provider and expand compliance and diversity initiatives.

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