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Sunday, November 1, 2009
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Lifestyle Family Fitness, a health club focused on providing a fun and friendly experience for members, has grown significantly from its original club in 1982 to more than 56 locations and 2,800 employees in 2008. As the company grew, executives realized they needed a solution that would streamline and consolidate their human resource processes. Critical to their search was a product that would combine related tasks and processes, eliminate paperwork, address various compliance issues and make sure the company's brand was represented in each Lifestyle branch.

Lifestyle selected SilkRoad's Life Suite solutions, specifically OpenHire for recruiting, RedCarpet for onboarding and WingSpan for performance. Lifestyle chose SilkRoad's solutions based on the products' abilities to work together, the ease-of-use of the technology, the right price point and the quick deployment timelines.

OpenHire's Successful Implementation

After implementing SilkRoad's recruiting solution, OpenHire, Lifestyle immediately found that the job match functionality worked incredibly well by narrowing the candidate pool to focus on best talent. OpenHire's resume creation functionality also helped engage new candidates who were great fits for various positions. OpenHire greatly improved Lifestyle's accuracy in tracking jobs across several categories, including active jobs, equal-employment opportunity, applicants by source, applicants by location, time-to-fill, time-to-fill by locations and time-to-fill by title. Prior to implementation, Lifestyle had struggled with obtaining accurate measurements for its recruiting efforts. OpenHire has helped track those efforts and ensured adherence to the hiring process without skipping steps or missing paperwork.

Rolling Out the RedCarpet

"Prior to Lifestyle's implementation of RedCarpet, the company was struggling with its approach to onboarding," says Leslie Daley, vice president of team services. As the company grew, compliance monitoring became an increasingly time-intensive task with extensive paperwork, and clubs were beginning to grow diverse identities and cultures of their own. "We wanted to ensure compliance with paperwork as new employees joined the company, but we also wanted to ensure a positive, consistent experience during the process," says Daley. RedCarpet has helped the company improve compliance with federal regulations, including an automated approach to e-Verify and increased participation in sexual-harassment training from 56 percent to 82 percent.

Customized Employee Appraisals

Lifestyle was eager to launch SilkRoad's performance solution, WingSpan, and the smooth deployment helped them develop a consolidated company-appraisal process that has been rolled out companywide with great success.

"WingSpan enabled us to extensively customize our employee appraisals with a consistent corporate-branded process and we were extremely pleased with the end result," says Daley. "WingSpan has helped us partner with the employee and establish a deeper dialogue between employees and the management team."

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The extensive customization of SilkRoad products allowed Lifestyle to add features unique to the company, including the integration of uniform fulfillment for team members, and membership-fee freezes for new hires -- who were previously customers. These features have contributed to making new team members feel important from day one and have already led to "excellent feedback" from the Lifestyle team.

Through SilkRoad's Life Suite, Lifestyle Family Fitness is able to better engage employees throughout their life cycle at the company, providing a consistent company branded experience across numerous locations. SilkRoad's Life Suite of products has allowed management to better communicate with team members about their career plans and alert them when an open position might be a good fit. Lifestyle has also used the Life Suite solutions to create a personal portal for every employee that shares information related to the corporate mission and messaging, helping to consolidate unique branch identities and cultures into one consistent brand. "We had a lot of preplanning and opportunity to really pick the best of the best," says Daley. "SilkRoad has definitely offered that."


Organization: Lifestyle Family Fitness 

Headquarters: St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Primary Business: Health Club

HR Challenge: Lifestyle Family Fitness needed help streamlining its HR experience and used SilkRoad technology's Life Suite solutions to get it back in shape.

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