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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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CPP Inc., Mountain View, Calif.; in collaboration with ThinkWise, Grand Rapids, Mich.

What It Is: The ThinkBox is designed to provide an on-demand, Web-based learning environment based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tool for continued, informal learning. Within the ThinkBox, users can explore the 16 different Myers-Briggs personality types through videos, articles and book summaries that can be shared with other members of their team.

They can also apply lessons learned from features including: descriptions of each personality, coaching tips and other modules. Other features include video and book summaries that can be shared with others, tips on work-related strengths and challenges as well as business and management issues.

Pricing is subscription-based and starts at $199 per user per year; volume pricing is available.

Why We Like It: Within the ThinkBox's sleek, iPod-esque dashboard, a tremendous amount of research is available on different personality types and what it takes to get each one to produce. The handy Snapshot feature allows user to get details about each personality, while a click on the "Working With" icon lets them scroll through various action statements in order to find the one best-suited for whatever they're trying to have their team (or team member) accomplish.

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Once they select their objective, ThinkBox will display a listing of targeted learning resources. We really like how the "My Development Plan" feature allows users to build on specific objectives by adding relevant activities and resources while also incorporating progress and feedback options.

A handy Notes feature allows users to enter ideas on how to work with a particular person and then save them within the system for later reference.


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