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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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What It Is: Halogen eLearning Manager integrates fully with Halogen eAppraisal, providing learning managers with the ability to link their training programs to the development and succession needs of the organization.

Learning administrators can catalog, schedule and manage different learning activities, including e-learning, class and certification programs. Managers and employees, meanwhile, can take advantage of this integration b

y discussing and identifying development opportunities as part of the performance appraisal process. Employees are also able to launch e-learning activities directly from their training and development plan. Ten SkillSoft e-learning courses come bundled with the product, which was released November 2008. Pricing varies, with a minimum number of licenses set at 100. The software can be deployed on-premise or hosted by Halogen.

Why We Like It: We like eLearning Manager for many of the same reasons we liked Halogen's e-Succession in 2007 and e-Compensation in 2005. As with those products, e-Learning is easy to use and comes with a very appealing user interface.

But what sets this product apart from others is the way it seamlessly integrates with its performance-management solution. We especially like the way in which the application allows managers to create development plans and register employees for specific training right from within the employee's performance appraisal.

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We also like how it ties the development plan directly to goals and competencies so specific needs can be addressed in the proper context.

Halogen Software, Ottawa, Canada

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