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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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What It Is: This two-day training course teaches people how to influence behavior in individuals and teams or throughout their organization.

Participants learn how to change undesirable, bad or even destructive behaviors by applying a management strategy that covers 10 areas: understanding people's behaviors, establishing measurable results, identifying behaviors that need to be changed, diagnosing persistent problems, personal motivation and ability, deliberate practice, social motivation and ability, structural motivation, structural ability and motivating and enabling vital behaviors.

Content is delivered through a variety of training tools that include a documentary-style video featuring real-life influencers and a humorous case study. Participants are also quizzed or polled via hand-held remotes and an automated participant response system (PRS).

The workshop fee ranges from $895 to $995 per participant while participant kits cost between $185 and $250, based on number ordered. The PRS is $350 per unit and $40 per remote.

Why We Like It: Any organization that has the ability to understand its employees' thoughts and actions, then change their behaviors so they become more productive and effective -- both at home and in the workplace -- can positively transform its corporate culture.

The real examples used in the training materials are inspiring. Nothing is canned. No bad scripts or acting, either. They show and tell how regular people have made significant improvements against all odds.

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Employees also receive a series of six CDs, which are extremely well done, that reinforce these principles and skills. Perhaps best of all, the strategies are not just for senior execs. They can be applied by anyone at any job level at any time.

Even if just a handful of employees implement these practices, an organization can experience enormous change.

VitalSmarts, Provo, Utah

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