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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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What It Is: euHReka OnDemand is the first Web-based product to be built on SAP's HCM solution. Designed to provide full integration between administrative HR processes and talent-management processes, euHReka OnDemand is delivered via Software-as-a-Service.

It includes modules for recruitment, performance management, succession planning, compensation planning, and learning and development, as well as personnel administration and organizational management. Designed for large, enterprise-scale organizations, euHReka OnDemand is designed to safeguard individual clients' data via "preconfigured multi-tenancy functionality" for privacy and security.

Pricing is subscription-based.

Why We Like It: Global outsourcing firm Northgate Arinso designed this product in part to avoid requiring its clients to undergo the so-called "lift and shift" process by which the outsourcing client simply assumes control of the client's legacy systems and processes rather than providing it with a new system and/or re-engineered processes.

Although lift and shift can help the client maintain continuity, it's proven to be harmful to both client and vendor in the long run -- vendors struggle to administer often-unwieldy and outdated systems while clients rarely see the oft-promised savings and other benefits that outsourcing was supposed to bring about.

In fact, lift and shift is frequently cited as one of the primary reasons why the HR business-process outsourcing industry is in the sad shape it's currently in. Although it may or may not prove to be HR BPO's salvation, euHReka OnDemand is a noteworthy product nonetheless, especially because it is one of the only SaaS-delivered products designed specifically for enterprise-size organizations.

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Large companies have long been considered to be SaaS-averse because, despite the automatic upgrades and relatively easy implementations that SaaS promises, these organizations supposedly were too concerned about customization to give it serious consideration.

Well-designed and intuitive products like euHReka OnDemand will certainly put that theory to the test.

Northgate Arinso, Norcross, Ga.

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