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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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What It Is: Peopleclick Interview Scheduling is a self-service solution for scheduling and accepting large volumes of interview invitations online, with the aim of encouraging advanced coordination between interviewers and job candidates during the interview phase of the hiring process.

Candidates are able to select their preferred interview time slots by clicking on an invitation link sent via e-mail and following a set of instructions. Interview Scheduling makes use of e-mail, calendar and text messaging communication to confirm times, send additional information and remind all parties of the upcoming interview.

It can also provide candidates with information about the hiring organization along with preparation tips for the upcoming interview.

Why We Like It: Scheduling high volumes of candidate interviews can be a hassle as well as a drain on time and energy for hiring managers of high-turnover positions, such as restaurant and retail chains.

But with its first-in-the-field approach, Peopleclick Interview Scheduling makes the process more streamlined and accessible for both candidates and recruiters. We especially like its ability to provide managers with a view of their personal interview calendar for a day, week or month in advance.

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Another positive is that it offers candidates the opportunity to choose not only their interview time slot, but an interview location that easily suits them.

And because branding is such an important consideration, we especially like how everything on the candidate-facing interview schedule can be controlled by the employer, including page and e-mail content to ensure consistency across the organization.


Peopleclick, Raleigh, N.C.

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