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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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What It Is: HR Acuity On-Demand is a Software-as-a-Service solution that allows HR professionals to conduct workplace investigations into possible misconduct, and includes a consistent five-step methodology for conducting such probes. It also provides for the documentation of day-to-day employee-relations incidents.

In addition to providing analytics, the system allows for unique passwords for various levels of user-based access to the information.

Subscription to the service is based on the number of employees and configuration requirements. A single license would cost about $500 per year.

Why We Like It: Based on best practices, this easy-to-use and dynamic blueprint for workplace documentation or investigations is quite a boon to HR professionals.

Whether experienced or not in conducting workplace investigations, HR professionals can take advantage of hints as they are led through the creation of a map outlining the investigation's parameters; the attachment of relevant documents, such as corporate policies; the interviews of appropriate employees; and the development of a fully complete case file, which may or may not be forwarded along to legal counsel, depending on the internal findings.

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HR Acuity provides a search mechanism that helps pinpoint recurring bias or behavioral problems, and allows HR to easily upgrade to investigatory status a workplace-incident report, or vice versa.

For those organizations that don't already have transparent and structured documentation or investigatory procedures, this tool can help -- especially as the failure to set up such procedures can be quite expensive should legal claims occur.

HR Acuity, Chatham, N.J.

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