Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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What It Is: ResumePal is a free, universal online job application that allows job seekers to easily and quickly apply. The candidate fills out an online profile that includes key elements of his or her resume, such as employment history, education and skills.

That information is then pre-populated on the applications offered via many applicant-tracking systems, including ADP VirtualEdge Recruiting Services, Kenexa Recruiter BrassRing, SilkRoad Technology Open Hire, Oracle iRecruitment, Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Talent Acquisition Management and via the Jobfox site.

In addition to submitting the information for the specific job being applied to, ResumePal uses the profile information to match the candidate's background to any applicable jobs in each company's ATS that uses ResumePal. It also automatically updates the profile in each company's system whenever the candidate updates the profile.

The product is free for job seekers and employers using partnered ATS products.

Why We Like It: Like the overwhelmingly popular universal college application now in common use, ResumePal eliminates the time-consuming annoyance of filling out application after application after application -- a benefit especially for recruiters searching for those mostly passive job seekers who aren't interested in a dedicated job search.

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And because the job-matching technology includes all open job listings -- not just the job being applied for -- recruiters will have a larger pool of qualified applicants from which to select. The automatic profile update aids in that regard as well.

In addition, candidates will no longer need to resubmit a resume when they, for example, complete their M.B.A. or move to a new home.

Jobfox, McLean, Va.

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