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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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What It Is: Taleo Business Edition Perform is designed to help small and mid-sized business (with two to 5,000 employees) define and monitor the "full employee review lifecycle." Featuring goals management and a behavioral competencies library, managers are able to initiate the review process from their desktops and support employee self-appraisals, manager assessments and multi-rater reviews.

Specifically, the goals management module provides a framework whereby managers can establish quantitative and qualitative employee goals and align them to business goals. A portal gives employees access to their data, goals, company messaging and performance reviews. It also provides them with the ability to submit their self-assessments online.

Pricing is based on the number of employees and starts at $2,500 annually.

Why We Like It: Taleo Business Edition Perform is a welcome addition to the Taleo product line. Coming less than nine months after the launch of its highly praised enterprise offering for performance, Taleo has released an easy to use and highly configurable performance-management solution for the small-to-mid-sized market.

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Perform includes everything you might expect in a performance-management application, but one of the things that makes this product especially noteworthy is the superior user experience it delivers. We especially liked the way it seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

To its credit, Taleo didn't overlook the importance of manager and employee engagement when it designed Perform.

Taleo Corp., Dublin, Calif.

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