Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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What It Is: mPassport is a Web page tailored to mobile devices that allows someone to enter a city, then find doctors, hospitals or pharmacies in that area. mPassport lists only accredited hospitals and doctors, along with reviews of each doctor and hospital.

It also provides a service that can translate medical terms and phrases and even the local names of prescription drugs (which frequently have different names in different countries).

In all, mPassport has information on approximately 5,300 doctors in 180 countries totaling 1,100 destinations worldwide. It also sends text messages with daily health and security alerts that are personalized to users and their locations. In addition, it includes health-related articles by doctors.

The product costs $9.95 for 30 days; 49.95 per year; volume pricing is available.

Why We Like It: Imagine being an expat in Tokyo who gets sick or needs emergency medical care. You'd like to see a doctor but need some critical information first -- Does the doctor speak English? Are they accredited? Can I see the doctor's resume?

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With mPassport, all those questions -- and plenty more -- can be answered. The judges especially liked the product's convenience because it is always accessible so long as the employee has an Internet-enabled phone.

HTH Worldwide, Radnor, Pa.

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