Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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What It Is: HireVue is an online video interviewing solution that enables businesses to screen job candidates remotely using the Internet and Webcams.

There are three versions of the product: HireVue Recorded, which lets companies record answers to written questions defined by the company; HireVue Live, which allows companies to perform and record live video interviews; and HireVue On-Site, which provides fixed locations where candidates and hiring managers can come to perform live interviews that can be viewed by others in remote locations (these can be recorded, too).

HireVue integrates with talent management, applicant tracking and HR systems.

Pricing is as follows: HireVue On-Site, $499 to $899 for unlimited interviews per location; HireVue Recorded, $995 to $1,495 per position with up to seven candidates per position; HireVue Live, $1,195 to $1,595 per position with up to seven candidates per position.

Why We Like It: Virtual interviewing is hardly new, but the latest generation of products in this arena, especially HireVue's, has taken these solutions to the next level.

Today, video quality is no longer being held back by Internet connection speeds, whereas that wasn't the case just 18 months ago. But what earns HireVue a spot among this year's winners are some of the features it now delivers to the hiring process.

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In particular, we like the way the product allows users to not only record videos -- so they can be easily reviewed again -- but also do a side-by-side comparison of how candidates responded to the same interview questions.

We also like its collaborative features, including the way it permits hiring stakeholders to comment on and rate candidates as they review the interview.

HireVue Inc., Sandy, Utah

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