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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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What It Is: The Recruiting Dashboard captures and reports on real-time visitor and job-applicant behavioral metrics such as the keywords or search engines used to drive the candidate to the career site, the time of day or day of week that is most active for various job types, and the job candidate's distance to the workplace.

The dashboard also provides keyword search-engine rankings and offers graphs and results that can be copied into reports.

In addition to search engines and paid job boards, the dashboard captures information from blogs, RSS feeds, social networks, e-mails, referrals, job-aggregation sites and mobile/SMS visitors. The information, which is entered into the organization's ATS system, becomes part of the company's Talent Community, which includes prior applicants and those who indicate interest in jobs with the company.

It is bundled with the purchase of Job2Web's Recruitment Marketing Platform, which starts at $40,000.

Why We Like It: Recruiters have always been hampered by not knowing exactly where job candidates are coming from -- and what prompts them to apply for specific positions. This dashboard finally provides that long-sought-after information.

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Not only does it track the source of candidates and the keywords that drove them to apply, it captures details of such depth that it can actually pinpoint information on candidates who begin to apply for jobs but never finish the application. Such information is necessary for results-oriented -- and cost-effective -- recruiting campaigns.

In addition, the dashboard is easy to understand and easy to use.

Jobs2Web, Minnetonka, Minn.

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