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Wednesday, July 1, 2009
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The Recruitment Process Where does an organization that provides outsourced health-management services go to create a best-in-class recruiting process? To a best-in-class recruitment-process outsourcer -- that's where.

Founded in 1975 and based in Reston, Va., Comprehensive Health Services Inc. is a nationwide workforce health-management company that provides flexible, customized employee-health programs to organizations with large, dispersed and mobile workforces. CHS' approach includes on-site health centers, a national network of CHS-certified physicians and healthcare providers, and medical readiness teams that deliver customized solutions for maintaining a healthier, more stable and productive workforce.

CHS is committed to quality high-touch services for its customers and its customers' employees. The selection and retention of employees is paramount to the success of the company's service delivery, client retention and business objectives.

Customer Challenge

CHS assessed its current hiring and employee onboarding methods and determined that it needed a high-performing, technology-enhanced hiring solution that would reduce cost-per-hire and time-to-fill, while increasing the number of qualified candidates, hires and customer satisfaction.

Pinstripe Healthcare performed a customized discovery process. This included an analysis of CHS' HR and recruiting organization structure, costs and decision-making process, as well as workforce and staffing-needs assessments. The analysis uncovered cost savings, improved efficiency and increased satisfaction that could be achieved by applying Pinstripe Healthcare's proprietary approach, which includes:

* Guaranteed return-on-investment and legal compliance;

* A recruitment strategy that markets CHS' employment brand and focuses on both active and passive candidates;

* A dedicated Pinstripe Healthcare recruiting team to execute the marketing plan;

* A state-of-the-art, candidate-focused requisition-management and applicant-tracking system, and an onboarding technology to process new CHS employees efficiently;

* The flexibility to scale up or down to meet the fluctuating needs of the business based on new CHS client acquisition;

* Management of pre- and post-satisfaction surveys to measure service levels and employee engagement during the first 90 days of CHS employment; and

* Delivery of staffing metrics analyzing areas of improvement and decision-making for recruiting, budgeting and workforce planning.

Delivering Results

The Pinstripe Healthcare team became an extension of the HR department, helping to enhance the organization's existing approach with the latest industry innovations and best practices. The result has been a true partnership leading to:

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* A time-to-fill reduction of more than 50 percent;

* A 38-percent decrease, equating to a cost reduction of $2,533 per hire; and

* A 52-percent increase in overall hiring-leader satisfaction.

Pinstripe Healthcare has consistently exceeded all commitments to CHS. Pinstripe's service levels and utilization of technology have contributed greatly to improved satisfaction of both CHS hiring managers and candidates.

"Pinstripe provided a more streamlined recruiting process by adding a technology piece that was easy to use," says Edie Widener, senior director of human resources at CHS. "It eliminated our recruiting challenges related to the quality and volume of job candidates."


Organization: Comprehensive Health Services Inc.

Headquarters: Reston, Va.

Primary Business: Comprehensive Health Services Inc. is a nationwide workforce health-management company that provides flexible, customized employee-health programs to organizations with large, dispersed and mobile workforces.

HR Outsourcing and Consulting Challenge: The company needed a high-performing, technology-enhanced hiring solution to reduce time-to-fill and cost-per-hire.

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