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Here are some providers of ethics-training products. The information about the companies was taken from their Web sites:

Saturday, May 16, 2009
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Need to teach your employees about a legal or regulatory requirement, but can?t afford the extra downtime for more training? If you can spare your employees for the amount of time it takes to grab a cup of coffee, then EthiClips is for you. These short, non-narrated, interactive modules supplement an organization?s ethics and compliance training by presenting real-life scenarios and requiring the trainees to make decisions about ethical dilemmas. Averaging about five minutes in length, an EthiClip is the perfect tool for highlighting a key risk area or reminding employees about important compliance topics.

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Integrity Interactive

Integrity Interactive puts senior executives and in-house professionals in control of compliance risks, and gives them the capability to move business conduct standards from "aspirational" to operational. The technology and services enable executives to monitor global compliance risks and remediation activity, producing data that their boards will need in order to measure program effectiveness.

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Through work with some of the world's leading businesses, LRN hase developed a full range of ethics and compliance solutions, from educating the workforce on compliance issues, ethical decision making and corporate values to improving management oversight of the program to mitigate risks and providing executive insight on how a values-based corporate culture drives business performance.

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Red Hawk Ethics

The company has delivered more than 1 million customized ethics and compliance training sessions in over 30 countries for industry leaders like Merck and NCR. It customizes comprehensive ethics-training programs to reflect a company?s specific policies, culture and workplace issues. It says its proven business ethics training and communication methodology engages employees, changes behavior, creates ethical culture, and helps companies meet Sarbanes-Oxley and U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines requirements.

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The Network Inc.

The company provides clients with information-lifecycle-management services and addresses criticial issues such as ethical culture, risk management and critical incident reporting for more than 25 years. It offers a holistic integration of services such as information, incident capture and case management, reporting and analytics, and employee communications for thousands of organizations, including nearly half of the Fortune 500.

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The Richardson Company Training Media

The Richardson Co. has been offering training products for the workplace since 1992. We offer video-based, audio-based, and computer-based programs as well as books and self-study programs. It offers business ethics training programs, tools and resources for organizational and business training sessions on ethics and compliance.

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TRACE International Inc.

TRACE International, Inc. is an Annapolis, Md.-based nonprofit membership association that pools resources to provide practical and cost-effective anti-bribery compliance solutions for multinational companies and their commercial intermediaries (sales agents and representatives, consultants, distributors, suppliers, etc.). Services and products include due diligence reports on commercial intermediaries; model compliance policies; an online resource center with foreign local law summaries, including guidelines on gifts and hospitality; in-person and online anti-bribery training; and research on corporate best practices.

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