McDonald's U.K. Expands Its Golden Arches with Peopleclick®

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Saturday, May 16, 2009
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With more than 72,000 employees, McDonald's is one of the largest employers of young adults in the United Kingdom. The restaurant chain was hiring about 24,000 employees each year and they were keen to implement a system that could manage their entire recruitment process, notes Jez Langhorn, head of talent and education at McDonald's U.K.

McDonald's U.K. previously used a traditional paper-based recruitment method, meaning managers spent considerable time reviewing high volumes of applications, which lengthened the response time back to the candidates. As the number of applicants began to exceed 300,000 per year, the restaurant chain recognized the need to implement recruiting technology that could manage its high-volume process.

The McDonald's team required a solution that could both collect curriculum vitaes automatically and screen applicants effectively. The Recruitment Team worked closely with the IT department to create a combined team that could evaluate the effectiveness of different solutions for their restaurants to use system-wide.

"Ideally, we wanted a solution that could identify significant cost savings in relation to store-manager time, simplify the application process and produce a standardized recruiting practice across our entire organization," says Langhorn. "As our team began to evaluate vendors, Peopleclick became a front-runner because of its ability to address all of our needs and provide a solution that could manage the entire workforce of a company our size."

The Solution

McDonald's selected the Peopleclick RMS High Volume Solution, which has completely changed the way the restaurant chains recruit managers and crew members. McDonald's worked closely with the Peopleclick team to expand its brand to potential candidates via its careers site, so when candidates visit the page, they are prompted to complete a two-step application process.

First, the candidate selects the McDonald's location(s) where they would like to work. Next, applicants complete an online questionnaire and their responses are automatically screened by an embedded psychometric test to determine if they meet certain qualifications. Lastly, the restaurant manager is presented with color-coded results from the questionnaires. If the candidates produce a successful rating, they are invited to a McDonald's restaurant for an on-job evaluation and interview, ensuring the relationship is beneficial for both McDonald's and the candidates.

These steps have improved the screening process for restaurant managers dramatically, while saving time and cost in store management labor. By using this screening process, the restaurant chain has saved £500,000 (roughly $737,000) in nine months. These cost savings are derived from the time managers would have spent interviewing candidates prior to implementing the questionnaires, as well as the removal of paper application forms.

Within the Peopleclick RMS High Volume Solution, McDonald's store managers are also able to proactively supply hourly positions more effectively. Candidates apply for McDonald's positions online at their convenience, even if an opening is not readily available. The solution continuously sources candidates and provides McDonald's managers with a qualified Talent Inventory?.

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Benefits and More

Since partnering with Peopleclick, candidates can now apply online to any McDonald's U.K. location, anytime from anywhere in the world. The restaurant chain is now receiving 1,400 online applications every day.

"We have seen a large reduction in candidate-abandonment rates, because we are now able to provide a friendlier, more intuitive application process, as well as a more efficient and professional candidate experience," adds Langhorn.

The quality of candidates McDonald's is recruiting has also improved significantly, and its 90-day turnover rate has been reduced by 30 percent. In just a nine-month period, McDonald's U.K. has recruited more than 20,000 employees using the Peopleclick solution. "We continue to build our partnership with Peopleclick, because they have completely changed the way our organization recruits talent," adds Langhorn. "We now have a solid talent-acquisition strategy that will help us build engagement with potential candidates as well as our workforce."


Organization: McDonald's U.K.

Headquarters: London

Primary Business: Fast-food restaurant chain employing more than 72,000 employees in more than 1,200 locations throughout the U.K.

HR Challenge: To transition from a paper-based application recruitment process to a fully-automated talent-acquisition system.

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