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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Write To The Editor Reprints

In the April edition of Peter Cappelli's column titled "Talking Trash," Peter provided a small glimpse into some of the HR changes going on here at Waste Management. 

I wanted to thank Peter for recognizing the efforts and results taking place here. We are all proud of what we have done and how far we have been able to move the needle. 

With each passing month, the metrics continue to support our efforts around hiring the best people, developing our managers, and focusing on engaging both our employees and our customers. 

In that article, Peter gave me, personally, entirely too much credit for the changes taking place here at Waste Management. This has truly been a team effort, with the entire HR function playing a role, being led by Jay Romans. 

Specifically, the HR leadership team made up of Rob Kviklys, Stephanie Valdez, Jerry Williams, Clay Campini, Jeremy Sochol, Brent McCombs, Krista Delsota, Sanita Pinchback, Kim Harris, Mike McInerney and David Kasper all were critical in the strategic development of the plan, as well as managing the execution of the work on the ground level. 

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These types of sweeping changes don't occur without a very strong, functional team all working equally in the same direction, and I am proud to say that we have exactly that type of HR team here at WM.

We appreciate being recognized by Peter, and hopefully 12 months from now we will report back with even greater results.


Robert L. Creviston

Vice President of Human Resources

Midwest Group

Waste Management

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