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Industry Outlook | Human Resource Executive Online These top -- and worst -- 10 growth industries are based on the projected percentage change in employment from 2006 to 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
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Top 10 Growth Industries

1. Management, scientific and technical consulting services: up 78 percent

2. Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities: up 74.4 percent

3. Gambling industries: up 65.9 percent

4. Home healthcare services: up 55.4 percent

5. Educational support services, public and private: up 52.6 percent

6. Community care facilities for the elderly: up 50.2 percent

7. Other financial investment activities: up 46.6 percent

8. Facilities support services: up 45.8 percent

9. Securities and commodity contracts, brokerages and exchanges: up 45.8 percent

10. Internet publishing and broadcasting: up 44.1 percent

Worst 10 Growth Industries

1. Cut and sew apparel manufacturing: down 58.4 percent

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2. Footwear manufacturing: down 53.4 percent

3. Jewelry and silverware manufacturing: down 40.9 percent

4. Apparel knitting mills: down 40.9 percent

5. Textile and fabric finishing and fabric coating mills: down 40.3 percent

6. Vending machine operators: down 37.6 percent

7. Apparel accessories and other apparel manufacturing: down 34.4 percent

8. Tobacco manufacturing: down 33.8 percent

9. Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing: down 33.4 percent

10. Direct selling establishments: down 33.1 percent

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