Military-Friendly Employers

Thursday, January 1, 2009
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In its December issue, G.I. Jobs magazine issued its annual Top 50 Military Friendly Employers.

"This isn't about charity or patriotism. It's about good business. The companies on our list understand that," said Rich McCormack, who heads G.I. Jobs' list research.

Chris Hale, general manager of G.I. Jobs, notes that interest in hiring military veterans has never been higher. "This list serves to disprove a populist notion that veterans are having difficulty finding jobs when leaving the military."

Hale bristles at what he calls inaccurate attention given to high unemployment rates for America's young veterans, citing the fact that many young veterans opt to take unemployment benefits before starting a civilian career.

"Given the operational tempo we're putting our troops through, wouldn't you?"

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While "it's patriotic to hire military, that's not why corporate America does so," Hale says. "These companies understand how military knowledge, training and real-world experience positively affect their bottom line."

McCormack notes that "in the military, our troops learn how to define a mission, develop a plan, apply resources and execute the plan with superior leadership skills. This real-world experience solving complex problems at such a young age makes our veterans hot commodities to corporate America. And it's why our Top 50 employers have put their military hiring programs into overdrive."

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