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Wednesday, May 2, 2007
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At Florida Power & Light, employees can get "frequent-buyer" cards that award them a free meal for every 12 healthy meals they order. They also receive coupons they can redeem for prizes after they eat a certain number of healthy meals.

FPL's cafeterias also offer "value meals" consisting of a healthy main course, a salad and a piece of fruit that are priced lower than less-healthy meals.

In addition to the healthy-catering menu below, some of the cafeteria offerings can be found in this Healthy Offerings Menu.


The Healthy Continental

Assorted low-fat muffins and bagels, low-fat cream cheese, fresh fruit salad, a variety of fruit juices and coffee

Quick and Healthy Breakfast

Low-fat and fat-free yogurt, granola bars, whole fruit, assorted whole grain cereals, fat-free and low-fat milk, fruit juices and coffee

Healthy Scramble

Scrambled eggs (EggBeaters) with vegetables, grilled low-fat ham, roasted red bliss potatoes with onions and peppers, breads with assorted fruit jams and peanut butter, fresh fruit salad, coffee and juice

Cereal Bar

Oatmeal served with a variety of toppings including brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins, granola, whole bananas, strawberries and walnuts, assorted whole grain cereals, fat free and low fat milk, breads with assorted fruit jams and peanut butter, fresh cut fruit, juice and coffee


FPL-WELL Meal of the Day

Served with chef?s choice of starch and vegetable, rolls, salad with low-fat and fat-free dressing, fresh fruit salad and bottled water

(Grilled chicken or fish of the day are also available)

Build Your Own Salad

Chooses from a selection of mixed greens with a variety of vegetable toppings, fat free and low-fat dressings, rolls, fruit salad and water

W/ grilled chicken and shrimp

W/ grilled chicken and lentils

BBQ Chicken

BBQ chicken breast served with corn on the cob, low-fat potato salad and cole slaw, rolls, fruit salad, a fruit cobbler and bottled water

Pasta with Grilled Vegetables

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Grilled chicken and vegetables served over pasta in a tomato sauce served with tomato and cucumber salad, bread sticks, fresh sliced melon and bottled water

W/ grilled chicken or shrimp

Soup and Salad Combination

Mixed greens served with a variety of fresh vegetable toppings and low fat dressings, the FPL-WELL soup of the day, whole grain breads, fresh fruit salad and bottled water

Afternoon Snacks

The Refresher

Low-fat and fat- free yogurt served with granola bars, trail mix and bottled water

The Sweet Tooth

Low-fat mini-muffins served with whole fruit and bottled water

The Southwest Snack

Baked Tortilla Chips served with tomato and fruit salsas, black bean dip and bottled water

The Snack Tray

A vegetable tray featuring an assortment of broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes and peppers with low-fat ranch and pesto dips, crackers and bottled water


Upgrade any afternoon break with a spritzer bar that includes an assortment of fruit juices and sparkling water that can be mixed together for a refreshing treat

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