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Monday, September 1, 2008
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Diversity Games

QED Consulting has launched updated versions of its Global Diversity Game and US Diversity Game, designed to focus on diversity issues. The products are designed to be used in the development of management skills and as meeting or training icebreakers, awareness-raising instructional programs, and modules in cross-cultural training programs.

Both games include questions regarding diversity in demographics, jobs, legislation and society, which are designed to inform and engage participants. Both products are compatible and can be used in combination, and are designed to be customized to an organization's diversity needs.

Price varies.

QED Consulting, New York, N.Y.

Manager Training Workshop

Impact Achievement Group has introduced its Supervisory Basics workshop series, designed to help new supervisors and managers accelerate their personal success as they transition to a managerial position. The series is designed to help managers understand the management behaviors and tactics required to ensure their own and their company's success through 12 two-hour modules led by a facilitator.

Companies can also choose various implementation, including an integrated 3-day series, stand-alone sessions, mix and match, an external facilitator or train-the-trainer options.

Price varies.

Impact Achievement Group, Redmond, Wash.

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Solution for Management Styles

Inscape Publishing has launched Everything DiSC Management, a classroom-based assessment solution designed to teach managers how to understand their management styles and to adapt their styles to increase employee effectiveness and manager-employee relationships.

The solution consists of a preliminary online assessment, six one-hour modules for classroom facilitation, videos and a 26-page management-specific report, focusing on learning personal-management styles, directing and delegating, motivation, developing others, and working with managers. The solution is designed to be portable and customizable.

Price varies.

Inscape Publishing, Minneapolis, Minn.

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