Financial Planning Tools

Friday, August 1, 2008
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Workers have different financial needs and goals at various times of their lives. Here are just some of the free online financial-planning calculators that may provide some guidance for employees.

AG Edwards has a variety of financial calculators to help guide individuals whether they are saving for retirement, saving for college or creating an estate plan, among other calculators.

Financial Planning Association offers information and tools on many personal finance topics, including sections on "Saving for Retirement," "Getting Married" and "Losing a Job." has a page of tools and calculators to help an individual manage his or her financial life -- on issues such as budgeting, college, real estate, taxes, retirement savings and income, insurance and more.

USA Today provides a variety of calculators related to mortgage/home equity, credit cards, autos, investments and retirement.

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The Vanguard Group offers planning and education tools to help individuals create an investment plan, plan for retirement or college, or discover the fundamentals of estate planning.

Yahoo! Finance lists a pageful of calculators on issues affecting budgeting, real estate, retirement, taxes, college, loans and more.

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