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Sunday, April 1, 2007
Write To The Editor Reprints

It didn't take long to figure out we might be onto something with the launch of Human Resource Executive®. Soon after publishing the first issue of HRE in May 1987, we received a steady stream of praise from HR leaders, consultants and suppliers.

In preparing for HRE's 20th Anniversary Edition, we dusted off some old files and found a few of the letters we received in the early months after the magazine's debut. Below is a sampling.

"I appreciate receiving Volume 2, Number 2. One criterion of value for a human resources publication is the number of references I indicate for my staff. I counted four "F.Y.I." and "follow-up on this" items, an impressive number."

-- HR Director, Municipal Department

"Just wanted to tell you that I felt the October cover story was very complete and thorough. As one who read all the mentions in both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, I can honestly say that the story not only left nothing out, but added some valuable insights into the temporary help services industry."

-- Vice President, National Staffing Firm

"I recently reviewed the May issue of Human Resource Executive magazine and would like to compliment you for publishing such an outstanding magazine. The format is very readable and the articles are timely, as well as being diverse to the industries being covered.

"Being in the health-care sector, I was particularly interested in the 'Hospitals Big Shake Up' article and the insert on 'Tackling the Nursing Shortage.' Both were well written and offered tremendous insight as to the plight of the health-care industry, primarily the human resources function.

"I look forward to being on your mailing list and receiving this excellent publication."

-- Director of Personnel, Regional Hospital

"Your premiere issue of Human Resource Executive was nothing short of outstanding. The quality of your publication is evident in both content and format, and the wide variety of issues you address will make each of us who is committed to developing people more effective."

-- President, HR Consulting Firm

"Please accept my congratulations on your publication. I wish it had been in circulation when I was a VP of industrial relations. It is the first paper I have seen that truly appeals to the chief human resource officer.

"Congratulations on a lively and informative first issue. I look forward to more of your publication."

-- Author and Leading HR Consultant

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"I recently received my first copy, and read with great interest, your magazine, Human Resource Executive. While I receive numerous industry and professional publications, I found yours to be particularly insightful and relevant in addressing key issues and topics of interest in the human resources field."

-- Vice President of HR, Major Pharmaceutical Company

"I have just finished your January issue. Although you do not appear to publish letters to the editor, I wanted to commend you on the approach your magazine takes to my profession.

"My professional reading is filled with magazines and newsletters strictly concentrating on the legal, theoretical and practical application aspects of human resources. Your magazine, however, is refreshing in its concentration on the challenges and plight of the corporate human resource administrator.

"Ours is a tough profession because we deal with the most unpredictable commodity - people. Your magazine understands that. I am glad it has become part of my reading list."

-- Vice President of HR, Manufacturing Company

Other informal comments received ...

"At last, a magazine of broad H.R. issues. It's great!"

"Great publication -- Congratulations"

"Excellent magazine -- good for Industry (long overdue)"

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