Comfort Rules

Sunday, April 1, 2007
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Employees are confused about how to dress for interviews, according to a 2006 survey of 2,000 employees and 900 recruiters conducted by Yahoo! HotJobs and Banana Republic.

Approximately one-third -- 34 percent -- of the employees said on the night before an interview, they spend most of their time deciding what to wear instead of researching the company or rehearsing their responses, says Susan Vobejda, vice president of marketing at Yahoo! Hot Jobs in San Francisco.

Likewise, more than 25 percent of the recruiters reported that someone wearing a business suit to an interview at their company can be too formal. But many still recognize the importance of appropriate dress. For example, 56 percent of the employees said they believe dress affects their performance reviews while 33 percent of the recruiters said dressing like your boss is a good way to advance.

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Despite these beliefs, employees aren't willing to change comfortable habits. Vobejda adds that almost 80 percent of the female respondents and 88 percent of the male respondents stated that they either wear business casual or casual outfits, including jeans, throughout the work week.

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