2018 HR Executive of the Year
Nomination Form

Deadline for Submissions: May 1, 2018

Human Resource Executive® magazine is now accepting nominations for its HR Executive of the Year and HR Honor Roll competition.

To be considered, the executive must have overall responsibility for the full span of HR policies and practices, including compensation in his or her organization; five or more years of experience in the field; and no fewer than three years of experience as the senior HR executive of his or her current organization.

One individual will be named HR Executive of the Year; up to four individuals will be named to the HR Honor Roll. For the HR Honor Roll, companies will be divided into two categories: those with fewer than 7,500 employees and those with 7,500 or more employees.

HRE recommends that the nomination is prepared and submitted by an individual from the nominee's organization.

Candidate's name:
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(Responses to each of the criteria below should be between 300 and 500 words in length.)
Describe a major problem (or two or more significant problems) the candidate handled exceptionally well:

List innovative programs initiated by the candidate and detail how results are measured; and describe how those initiatives support the business' goals and strategies:

How has the candidate enabled HR to support business strategies and objectives?

How has the candidate demonstrated his or her leadership and management skills within the human resource function?

List ways the candidate has contributed to the HR profession as a whole:

Please send separately candidate's resume or vitae and any additional information, including a letter of recommendation from the CEO of the organization, to
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