Getting to Know You

This story accompanies Eager To Help, a feature about how recruiters are starting to tout their volunteer opportunities to attract a more community-conscious Gen Y workforce.

By Carol Patton

How much do you know about Gen Yers? Here's a snapshot:

Core qualities: confident, civic-minded, achievement-oriented, strong sense of ethics and morals, work-isn't-everything attitude

Greatest assets: collective action, optimism, tenacity, heroic spirit, multitasking capabilities, tech-savvy

Liabilities: need supervision and structure, may have trouble handling constructive feedback, fast-track career expectations, can appear cocky

Strategies for engaging/managing:

* Challenge them with meaningful work.

* Ask their opinion -- treat them as colleagues, not as children.

* Delegate projects clearly and allow them freedom and flexibility to accomplish them.

* Provide lots of timely, consistent and constructive feedback.

* Reward accomplishments with increased responsibilities and challenges.

* Place them on teams with other young, creative people.

* Support flexible work schedules when possible.

* Equip them with the latest technology.

Source: Mary Abbajay, Careerstone Group, Washington

Mar 2, 2008
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