What's Ahead

This is a special advertising section featuring case studies offering strategies for what's ahead for the human resource profession in 2018.

Predicting the future is a risky proposition, especially for HR leaders operating in a business environment that is always evolving.

Still, leaders from a variety of organizations have taken on this difficult task in the special section that follows, where you'll find their opinions and insights on what lies ahead for the human resource profession in 2018 -- and what steps and actions will be necessary to take to navigate next year.

From attracting top talent and harnessing new HR technologies to boosting employee engagement and maximizing value from healthcare programs, the challenges facing HR figure to be plentiful in the 12 months ahead.

On the following pages, our contributors discuss strategies for tackling these challenges. As you read their recommendations, we hope you come away with practical advice that you can put to use within your own organization.

Read the strategies for tackling these challenges:

Navigating Unprecedented Volatility: What's Ahead for HR in 2018?

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If Your Recruiting Fails, Your Business Isn't Far Behind

Seeing around Corners: Developing Dynamic Capabilities in the Enterprise and Its Leaders

Top Executive Challenges Are Ultimately People Challenges

HR's Biggest Challenge: Succession Planning

What's Ahead in 2018? Increased Opportunities for Collaboration

2018: The Year Automation Takes Over Recruiting

Defining and Unlocking Value in Healthcare


Nov 7, 2017
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