Lisa Buckingham

This article accompanies Investing in the Future.

Category: Organizations with 7,500 or more employees  

Title: Executive Vice President and Chief

Human Resources, Brand and Enterprise

Communications Officer

Company: Lincoln Financial Group, Radnor, Pa.  

Key HR Challenges: To help the organization create a more digitally oriented customer and employee experience; to implement a talent-management and succession planning strategy that would help the company navigate the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis; and to make Lincoln a more diverse company throughout its ranks.

Key HR Accomplishments: Serving as the executive sponsor for Project Ambition, a six-month initiative that would lead to a three-year roadmap for Lincoln's digital growth; helping the organization meet and surpass industry benchmarks with regard to female and minority employees (including company officers); and leading the effort that resulted in a new career framework resource that would help Lincoln employees acquire the skills and experience needed to continue their development with the organization. 

Oct 16, 2017
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