Three HR Challenges and Solutions Every Small and Midsized Business Faces

By Trish Stromberg, Chief Marketing Officer, iSolved

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Human resources focuses on the lifeblood of an organization: its employees. Effectively managing day-to-day tasks such as payroll, time and attendance, ACA compliance, applicant tracking and other functions are crucial to its success. Three main HR challenges tend to affect every business, regardless of size or industry. These challenges include ineffective processes, accessibility and disparate systems. These three challenges affect nearly all business functions, but are especially prominent in human resources since this department heavily impacts other areas of the company.

Ineffective Processes

When your office is full of files and you're constantly looking for information in stacks of paperwork, the risk of misplacing important items is high. When you bring on a new hire, does he or she spend the first day filling out forms? Importing, exporting and duplicate data entry are all examples of ineffective processes that can cause errors, which impact employee information, payroll and HR.

Modern solutions can smooth out your processes and simplify daily tasks. Human capital management platforms bring an added level of organization and security to the information you have on employees. These technology solutions allow you to easily track employees from new hire to retire while delivering data to frontline supervisors so they can make more effective management decisions.


When employees have access to view and modify their own information, this reduces the workload of the HR team. If an employee moves and needs to change his or her address, having self-service access to do so simplifies the task and prevents delays that could impact the employee's paycheck or other pertinent information. It's also useful to employ a system that gives employees access to W-2s, benefits and other needed info without having to involve the HR or payroll departments.

This accessibility also benefits HR staff, managers and supervisors since they review information and manage processes from anywhere at any time. Having access is critical to employees, department heads, HR specialists and other members of the organization.

Cloud-based human capital management platforms help make critical information accessible at any time and from anywhere. With the addition of mobile apps, accessibility is no longer a challenge but as easy as opening the app on your phone or tablet and downloading or changing the information that you need.

Disparate Systems

Can you count all your logins and passwords on one hand? The answer should be yes. One login and one password for all your HR needs. There are simple solutions that combine payroll, HR, time and attendance, ACA compliance, applicant tracking and help in the overall performance of the HR department. With a single, scalable solution, your HR team can integrate all your HR tasks bringing improved productivity and time-saving processes to your department.

A single solution also unifies all employees, managers and executives within the company. Everyone has access to the same information from the same source, eliminating the risks of duplicate data entry, importing or exporting errors or other issues that can lead to problems with data and other mistakes. 

Technology has progressed significantly in the HR industry and brought game-changing tools to help you become more efficient and free up your time to work on more critical tasks. These HCM solutions are no longer exclusive to larger organizations; they are proven, accessible and affordable for businesses of every size.

Oct 2, 2017
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