Raising Millennial Leaders

This article accompanies Millennials Rising.

Here are some tips for HR leaders looking to groom a generation of leaders capable of best dealing with the disruptions ahead, from the Divergent Views/Common Ground report.

* In developing high-potentials, ensure that they are given opportunities to participate in task forces and have rotational or developmental assignments that allow them to successfully manage change and deal with ambiguity at early stages of their careers.

* Instill among the leadership team the importance of engaging employees, and give them the skills to have developmental, performance and career conversations that drive higher levels of engagement.

* Development programs for first-level leaders should have strong emphasis on developing emotional intelligence. Continually reinforce these concepts through practice sessions, peer coaching, and short, micro-learning options with increasingly difficult scenarios.

* Review leadership competencies, current leadership programs and developmental experiences to ensure they reflect these leadership skills; adapt as necessary.

* Review performance-management processes and hold leaders accountable for emotional intelligence (the "how" of what they accomplish) as well as the rising levels of engagement and the advancement of their team members. Consider a shift toward frequent managerial coaching sessions to augment decreasing emphasis on the traditional performance review.


May 12, 2017
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