Jennifer Martin 

This article accompanies Taming the Wild West.

Category: Organizations with fewer than 7,500 employees 

Title: Senior Vice President, Director of HR

Company: Alliant Insurance Services Inc.,

Newport Beach, Calif.

Key HR Challenges: Supporting an organization that's in a constant state of growth. Over the last decade, Alliant acquired 30 companies, growing from roughly a $200-million organization in 2004 with about 400 employees to now a $1 billion company with 2,750 employees in 90 offices throughout the United States, Canada and England. 

Key HR Accomplishments: Transforming HR. In the past, HR supported a director and part-time administrative assistant who mainly performed transactional tasks. Since Martin came on board, HR has grown to 19 skilled staff and transitioned into a trusted, strategic adviser for company leaders. 

Oct 10, 2016
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