The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Organization

By Joe Budzienski, Vice President of Product and Technology, Monster Inc.

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It's finding top talent. And today, the best way to do that is by establishing a strong talent brand.

It's all too easy for companies to neglect talent brand. Those in the executive wings often figure: Why should we worry about how we look to job seekers when our consumers are the ones keeping the lights on?

But, as a recruiter, it's your job to convince those higher-ups that there's a real return-on-investment to investing in your company's talent brand. In today's socially engaged job market, a successful talent brand could mean the difference between a company's growth and its stagnation.

Why Talent Brand Really Matters

Need evidence to make your case? Research conducted by Lippincott and LinkedIn found companies with strong talent brands saw a five-year cumulative growth of 33 percent in shareholder value. Companies that had weaker talent brands, meanwhile, actually saw shareholder value decline by 6 percent over the same period.

In other words, there's a reason why talent branding has become one of the biggest areas of investment for executives at Fortune 500 companies.

These firms understand -- especially in these times, when it's challenging to find certain skilled labor -- that establishing a company that sells itself as a great place to work means not only less drag in hiring, but it means you have a better chance at ensuring a good fit from candidates, since they know what they're getting from the get-go. It also means you have a better shot at attracting the very best in class of employee, who can help propel your revenue forward.

A strong talent brand, then, can benefit every level of a company, from the workforce to the bottom line.

How to Get Talent Brand Right

The key is social media.

Mobile users spend 60 percent of their time on social media -- more than any other distribution channel available to recruiters -- which means that companies that ignore it are missing out on their best opportunity to attract quality talent.

At Monster, we've placed social media at the forefront of our philosophy, and brought the 2 billion users who comprise the social world within our clients' reach. TalentBin by Monster, the first of its kind, is a socially-fueled talent search engine that builds automated profiles to connect recruiters with previously unreachable candidates.

Meanwhile, fully automated Monster Twitter Cards strengthen talent brands and increase employment opportunities among a company's following, while social job ads aggregate data from hundreds of websites and social profiles to offer highly targeted campaigns across the Twitterverse. We're the only company that's partnered with Twitter to provide an ecosystem for recruitment on its platform.

But social media can be deployed for more than just finding talented employees -- it's also for attracting them to you by creating talent brand.

And job seekers want this. Social media has increased the demand for transparency between employers and job candidates. Job seekers can now obtain detailed, employee-verified information about what it's like to work somewhere with just a couple of clicks. They don't want a wall between them and the place they're applying -- they want a dialogue. They want personal stories. They even want photos from the last company barbecue.

You want them to be consuming brand content that was created by your company and employees -- rather than created by your competitors, detractors or disgruntled ex-employees. That's where your talent brand comes in. You need a social-media strategy that provides all this information, with consistency across social channels as well as specific marketing expertise.

Young job seekers understand today that companies are combing their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles as they make decisions about their candidacies for jobs. But today, the inverse of that is equally true: With the inside scoop on company life readily available, job seekers can be just as picky as the places hiring them. That should be a wake-up call for any company committed to long-term growth, and a signal that it's time to turn the lens back on itself.


Oct 2, 2015
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