A Case Study in Engagement: Burger King Employees Have It Their Way with Paycom

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GBMO LLC, a Portland, Ore.-based licensed franchise of Burger King, was desperate to find an HR technology partner to help service its nearly 2,200 employees and managers spread across 65 locations. Leading the search was HR Manager Selina Carter, a seasoned HR professional who has used many payroll and HR products over the years. She knew there was a better way than continuing with the outdated systems and manual processes she and her employees were using.

The Search for Software

GBMO began its search for a system that would allow its HR team members to automate their tasks and grant them access to their information from any Internet-enabled device. Having real-time data pulled from their multiple locations was also important to ensure reporting accuracy. Lastly, GBMO wanted a system that would grow with the organization and allow it to reach its goal of operating paperless payroll and HR.

Employee Expectations

One of Carter's primary concerns was implementing a system that her employees would find easy to use. "We have a diverse group of employees from around the world with various cultural and educational backgrounds," says Carter. Knowing that not all of them were technologically savvy, it was a priority to find a self-service system that would make her employees happy and provide them with easy access to their information in a user-friendly format.

Paycom Prevails

After comparing several solutions, the easy-to-use full-service functionality, value and client support were the deciding factors in Carter's selection of Paycom. "The transition was very short and smooth," says Carter. "The support we received from our sales rep, the implementation team, new-client support and long-term support have made the transition seamless. I do not believe this level of support would be found anywhere else."

Manager Impact

Several of GBMO's managers were uncomfortable using computers and nervous about switching to Paycom, thinking it might affect their workload. But through the online training, manuals and user-friendly interface, they were able to adapt quickly to the Paycom system and now have more time to connect with their people. As Carter explains, "They now find they enjoy using Paycom and it makes managing their employees easier than they ever dreamed."

Managers use Paycom to approve time cards, approve time-off requests and submit personnel action forms for employee changes such as promotions, terminations and raises. The automated PAFs have greatly reduced the time and paperwork required for employee changes and have helped HR by automatically updating the system without the rekeying of data.  

Employee Engagement

GBMO knows that employee engagement starts with the hiring process, so it has implemented Paycom's applicant tracking tool to ensure a smooth and consistent experience for candidates applying and onboarding. Day-one employees are more productive by using Paycom to complete required forms and training. Employees continue to use the same self-service portal to access company documents, report their time and request time off. Benefits enrollment is easy and automated, and employees even can see how the deductions for new benefit selections will affect their paycheck.

Carter has been overjoyed with the reaction from her employees. "The common thread between all employees is that everyone absolutely loves the self-service module!" she says. "They find the layout easy to use and are ecstatic [about] the ability to update their personal information, obtain pay stubs, W-2s, and more, at their convenience."

GBMO Results

With Paycom, GBMO saw increased engagement and productivity from its managers and employees. Paycom's Internet-based, single system of record for HR is helping it in multiple ways, including going paperless and having online access to accurate data that has eliminated penalty payments for late final checks and reduced its health insurance invoices. "Paycom has made a huge improvement in our operations and employee attitudes," says Carter. "I am still awed by the continuing support and care we receive from our dedicated Paycom specialist. I believe she genuinely cares about our business and employees."


Organization: GBMO LLC

Headquarters: Portland, Ore.

Primary business: Burger King-licensed franchise, with 65 locations.

Productivity challenge: Improving many manual processes and an outdated HR system that was unable to make real-time changes, limited in reporting and without online access.


Sep 3, 2015
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