Global Brass and Copper Inc.: Establishing Consistency and Structure With Dayforce HCM

This is part of a special advertising section feature strategies for success in benefits.As a leading converter, fabricator, distributor and processor of specialized copper and brass, Global Brass and Copper Holdings Inc. has built a global presence. Through its operating subsidiary, Global Brass and Copper Inc., its 11 North American manufacturing facilities and distribution centers are found in the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Its global ventures are primarily within China and Japan. The diverse line of fabricated metal component products that Global Brass and Copper Inc. manufactures is used by various end markets. From housing and transportation to industrial machinery and equipment, its products are sold under the brand names of Olin Brass, A.J. Oster and Chase Brass.

The Challenge

As a leader in the manufacturing of brass and copper products, Global Brass and Copper Inc. has established a dynamic footprint around the world. With three leading brands under its corporate umbrella, 11 manufacturing facilities and distribution centers in North America, and a growing international presence, its business operations were expanding quickly.

There were some key concerns within HR, however. The business lacked internal consistency and structure. The three brands -- Olin Brass, Chase Brass and A.J Oster -- were all operating independently, and there were no standard HR policies or procedures in place. Because of the lack of structure and process, Global Brass and Copper Inc. found its existing system to be full of inconsistent or inaccurate data. Its database of employee records was filled with anomalies, as everyone was entering information differently. Accurate reporting was nearly impossible.

Furthermore, Global Brass and Copper was becoming a public company, and feared that these challenges might limit its ability to be compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It became evident that Global Brass and Copper Inc. needed a new human capital management solution that would address the issues the organization had surrounding consistency, structure and compliance, while providing a streamlined process for adaptation that could easily be carried out throughout the entire organization.

The Solution

As a Ceridian customer since 2009, Global Brass and Copper Inc. was utilizing Ceridian HPL to manage its human capital needs. With a strong feeling of partnership already established, Global Brass and Copper Inc. felt confident that Ceridian would be able to offer a solution to address its human capital management concerns.

The Dayforce HCM application was presented. With its robust features, ease of adoption and user-friendly interface, it was selected by Global Brass and Copper Inc. as its payroll and tax, workforce management and benefits provider. Throughout the evaluation process, Dayforce HCM enabled Global Brass and Copper Inc. to tackle big problems instead of incremental improvements.

"I have used Ceridian my entire career and stand behind [its] products. With Dayforce HCM, a company finally 'gets it' when it comes to what tools payroll and HR professionals need to make their work day, week, month and year easier," says Mike Kelly, corporate payroll manager at Global Brass and Copper Inc. The implementation process that Global Brass and Copper Inc. experienced in transitioning from HPL to Dayforce was meticulously carried out by the Ceridian implementation team. Existing data was transferred over from HPL and scrubbed clean to provide accuracy. As the company was transitioning to become a public company, there were a lot of questions to answer. "They really did do the research and helped us find answers to things. If they didn't know [the answer], they had other counterparts to help. Any hurdle we came across, we were provided with options to make decisions on," says Kelly.

Global Brass and Copper Inc. went live with Dayforce on April 1, 2014. With a single easy-to-use system in place, the organization has transparency into its human capital across the entire business, and has access to the information and reports it requires in real-time.

"With Dayforce HCM, it's very easy. There hasn't been really anything that somebody's been able to throw at us that we couldn't create for them," says Kelly. "Reporting is so much easier than in other systems that we've had."


Organization: Global Brass and Copper Inc.

Headquarters: Schaumburg, Ill.

Primary Business: Manufacturing

Benefits Challenge: Establishing best practices and consistency across three unique business entities while maintaining compliance during the transition to being a public company.

Jun 17, 2015
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