2014 Top Product Winner: Entelo Diversity

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What It Is: Entelo's proprietary algorithm is designed to help organizations find candidates whose social profiles indicate a high probability of meeting specific gender, race or military experience requirements. The algorithm is designed to help identify candidates who may meet these criteria without relying on specific keywords such as "black," "female," "veteran," etc. Using data about a person's alma mater, professional and social affiliations, and job titles, the algorithm determines his or her likely gender, ethnicity or race, and whether the person has military experience. Because such information is layered on top of a candidate's qualifications and skills, the algorithm can provide a level of objectivity intended to prevent discriminatory hiring practices. Federal contractors, for example, may be required to show good-faith efforts to correct under-representation among various groups of candidates -- Entelo Diversity is designed to help them source diverse pools of candidates more efficiently, as well as gain access to social data on candidates from approximately 20 different social-media sites. Pricing starts at approximately $25,000 per year.

Why We Like It: Typically, building diversity into any workforce is a time-consuming, expensive endeavor, so we appreciate that this product obviates the need for recruiters to travel far and wide attending job fairs and performing other expensive activities. Using the Entelo software allows recruiters to find candidates who meet the necessary criteria right from their desks. We also like that the product can be used by companies to monitor how frequently an employee updates his or her online information, because such insight can be a helpful tool for retention efforts within a company.


San Francisco



Sep 30, 2014
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