Ricoh Drives Brand through Transformed Talent-Acquisition Strategies

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For more than 50 years, Ricoh™ has been an innovative global technology company, specializing in office-imaging equipment, production-print solutions, document-management systems and IT services. With 30,000 employees across all 50 states and more than 100,000 employees globally, Ricoh strives to deliver innovative products and services that constantly create new value for the world at the interface of people and information.

In 2012, with many hard-to-fill openings as a result of high growth opportunities, Ricoh sought to renew its talent-acquisition approach. Its goals were to ensure a strong pipeline of future talent, increase centralization across all U.S. locations, streamline workflow and engage with a true partner that could provide long-term, technology-integrated sourcing and recruiting solutions.

Ricoh found it critical to find a solution that was nimble enough to flex with the quickly evolving industry, but also one that helped ensure high-quality talent that would bring continued innovation to Ricoh's customer base and drive market leadership. After an exhaustive search for the best solution, Ricoh selected The RightThing, an ADP Co., as its recruitment-process- outsourcing provider.

"Looking at a number of solutions, we found it advantageous to work with a provider that could own both the recruitment process and technology," says Victor Maciak, vice president of talent management for Ricoh Americas Corp. "By selecting The RightThing and using RightThingRecruit ® as the successor to Ricoh's legacy applicant-tracking system, Ricoh gained a partner with an intimate understanding of Ricoh's needs and the ability to build that customization into both the technology and processes across the board."

Now, nearly a year into the partnership, this global industry leader has driven new innovation into its talent-acquisition strategies and is experiencing positive results. Through dedicated services and customized technology solutions, Ricoh has gained a more holistic, streamlined and consistent process.

One example is Ricoh's new suite of automated talent-acquisition tools. By fully integrating RightThingRecruit into the overall solution, Ricoh gained the ability to automate previously manual tasks such as screening, assessments, scheduling, candidate tracking and background checks. And, because there is no on-premise software, this cloud-based system enabled simultaneous implementation at all locations, which helped to establish a centralized hub for hiring activity. Now, with a single sign-on, hiring managers can create requisitions and track candidate progress throughout the entire hiring lifecycle.

Additional portals enable automation of internal offer letters, document-management integration, integrated salary files, automated rehire-eligibility checks and automated approval matrices. To help better identify key wins and predict roadblocks, managers also have the enhanced ability to view all activity of their direct reports.

Standardized and ad-hoc reporting data effectively depict key hiring-performance metrics, both internally and externally, allowing The RightThing to consult, educate and partner with key Ricoh stakeholders by providing concrete documentation of the "true story." It also enables continuous improvement opportunities and increased levels of buy-in from hiring managers and HR leaders.

Ricoh's focus on a positive candidate experience gives candidates the benefits of online new-hire portals that provide individual status tracking, self-scheduling tools and robust benefit information, as well as onboarding documents and information.

By leveraging a combined RPO and HR-technology solution, Ricoh has experienced positive business impact across the board. Hiring-manager satisfaction exceeded the companies' shared goal by nearly 10 percent, time-to-fill ratios beat their goals by 24 percent, and Ricoh saw improved interview-to-offer ratios for corporate and operations positions.

After seeing these successes, Ricoh expanded its relationship with The RightThing in early 2013 to include responsibility for additional positions across the organization. Today, The RightThing oversees recruiting for 90 percent of Ricoh's hiring activity. By integrating The RightThing's technology-enabled sourcing-and-recruiting solution, Ricoh has successfully kept up with its high-growth demands, enabling the organization to hire more than 65 percent more associates than before.

"By integrating our ATS technology services with its RPO services, The RightThing was able to help us create a more sophisticated, cost-effective and strategic approach to talent acquisition," says Maciak.


Organization: Ricoh Americas Corp.

Headquarters: Malvern, Pa.

Primary Business: A multinational imaging and electronics company.

HR Technology Challenge: To renew the company's talent-acquisition approach, ensure a strong pipeline of future talent, increase centralization across all U.S. locations, streamline workflow and engage with a partner to provide long-term, technology-integrated sourcing-and-recruiting solutions.

Jul 21, 2014
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