2013 Top Product Winner: Jobvite Engage

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What It Is: Jobvite Engage is designed to help recruiters target job seekers by building robust talent pools, with the aim of increasing the likelihood of finding candidates for positions when they're needed. The application lets recruiters identify, collect and cultivate talent profiles for key skill sets over time, rather than mounting a specific effort for a requisition. Features include centralized web and resume database-search technology, the ability to launch Jobvites and broadcast communications through social networks, campaign-management capability and ATS integration. Pricing starts at a monthly rate of $350 per seat.

Why We Like It: There's a lot to like about Jobvite Engage, which represents a fresh and effective approach to building what Jobvite refers to as "lasting" talent pools. At the top of the list is the ease with which employers can comb through social networks, résumé databases and the Internet to find prospects with particular skill sets, even when they're not searching for jobs. Though it clearly has company in this product category, Jobvite has gone a step further than many in the way it leverages social networks and the Internet and thereby enables employers to expand their viral reach. But we also suspect many employers will appreciate Jobvite Engage's intuitive user interface, which includes touch-screen capability for mobile devices.


Burlingame, Calif.


Oct 1, 2013
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