2013 Top Product Winner: Swarm

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What It Is: Released in May, Findly's Swarm adds gamification features and transparency to the referral process. Rather than rewarding referrers with pre-set bonuses, companies using Swarm can set up referral teams that compete for badges, which, in turn, can be traded in for generally team-based prizes. Individual Swarm participants, meanwhile, have a dashboard that indicates their number of referrals and resulting hires. On the transparency side, Swarm informs the referrer when the referral is contacted and indicates the result. (If the referral is not contacted within 24 hours, the referrer receives an email notification.) In addition, Swarm automates many aspects of the referral process -- users can connect their social media or email contact lists to Swarm, for example, allowing for one-click referral. Cost is $2,000 to $25,000 based on company size.

Why We Like It: Swarm solves a number of problems that plague many referral programs. It reduces the cost of referrals by substituting team spirit and competition for expensive cash bonuses. Gamification and the excitement of the chase may also encourage participation by highly paid employees who may not be motivated by cash bonuses. The system can also automatically control the supply and demand of referrals. By examining the number of external applicants or internal employees who may be eligible for each job opening, Swarm can determine the number of referrals the company needs and take actions to help the company avoid being inundated with too many referrals. For example, it can adjust the gamification rewards in real-tiime, based on the scarcity or abundance of candidates. Also important, the transparency features may ease the concerns of referrers who fear their referrals may not be treated well. This is especially important to executives who feel their reputations are at stake when a referral doesn't receive at least a response from HR.


San Francisco


Oct 1, 2013
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